Catering & Food Services

Our food service and catering solutions are customized according to the requirements of every client, and according to international standards, from procurement all the way to delivery.

We work with trusted, experienced vendors and suppliers that provide a comprehensive selection of appetizing, nutritious meals and commodities for a range of budgets.

QUDRAT has extensive experience working in difficult and remote environments, providing food services and catering in remote areas without compromising on quality, safety, hygiene or nutritional requirements.

Whether you want us to provide individual food and snack items, manage an employee canteen, professionally plan menus, or cater a major event, our talented, knowledgeable team will work with you to find the right solutions.

We can cater to, among others:

Remote Field

We  have global expertise to offer a complete range of catering and support solutions to companies operating in remote and often harsh environments.
National Qudrat Services has rapidly become one of the Kingdom’s most recognized names providing catering, accommodation management, laundry and cleaning services to companies in the field, optimized for their staff size and individual requirements, and sometimes demanding conditions. In the year ahead our track record will help us explore high-potential businesses like offshore support services, where we are already seeing clear demand from clients.

Private companies and Healthcare centers and Military Installations

National Qudrat Services prepares and serves meals, snacks and beverages via facilities installed in clients’ premises. The Lunch concept enables companies to offer fresh, healthy dishes tailored to their employees’ individual preferences, without requiring employees to travel or disrupting a busy work day. Our clients include private sector firms and government offices, and we are steadily moving into new growth areas such as hospitals and clinics.


National Qudrat Services operates and maintains​ remote Camp to support client operational and corporate objectives by providing facilities such Food Service Facility and Equipment, Commissary Facilities, Transportation Facilities, Vehicles, Recreation Facilities, Mail System, Property Control System, Fire Protection, Communication System, Beauty Shops, Laundry/Dry Cleaning facility, Port Services/Personnel Relocation, Supplemental Medical/Mortuary Services, Security Services, Administrative Employment Support (Local National & Expatriates) and Procurement/Subcontracting Services.​