About Us


Launched in Saudi Arabia, Qudrat has built a solid reputation for excellence in the delivery of turnkey services to large-scale projects in a wide variety of sectors.

QUDRAT has become renowned for being a one-stop shop for on-the-ground amenities and has a proven track record for successful operations in both accessible and remote locations.

QUDRAT is a solutions-oriented company that provides comprehensive facilities of uncompromising quality. The company delivers top-of-the-line catering, accommodations, housekeeping, water, garbage collection and sanitation facilities. All our services are fully-customized according to the requirements and scale of both the project and the needs of our clients.

QUDRAT is a multi-service company that has adopted a strategy of regional expansion following a period of continuous growth and successful performance.

Leaders in reliability


QUDRAT is an experienced provider in the Middle East of high-quality services that fully support and add value to large-scale projects. Our operations have evolved and expanded to include a wide range and scale of projects that we operate within the region today.

Whether we are working with a public or private enterprise project, the successful expansion and development of QUDRAT reflects our local and international professional work ethic, with a commitment to quality and reliability that is the foundation of our reputation.

Main Sectors

– Private Companies & Industrial Sites
– Healthcare Sector
– Governmental Departments
– Military Installations
– Remote Field Locations

Our Clients

– Arkad Engineering
– Arkad Services
– Lamar Holding
– Hunger Station
– ANAR Co.