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Our experienced, talented team of regional experts is dedicated to achieving world-class levels of customer satisfaction. We offer high-end solutions in:

Full site construction and services ( Building & Tents ) , Logistics and transportation , Repacking (Winterization kits , Sanitization & Hygiene kits , Food commodities , Baby kits , Medical consumables and equipment , Kitchen kits & School kits) .

QUDRAT has a large experience in providing careers best candidates with all multi-nationalities. ×

With a full fleet of cars at our disposal, QUDRAT is also able to supply fuel to other projects

Our food service and catering solutions are customized according to the requirements of every client, and according to international standards, from procurement all the way to delivery.

Whether you are looking to service a single location or support a multi-site national project, we provide a wide-range

QUDRAT is an experienced provider of pumps for wells, storage tanks and decontamination systems to ensure the availability of

QUDRAT provides industrial laundry services to its customers by providing the finest washing and pressing of linen. We are

Our company has a large experience in pest controlling management and the best practices treatments for each project requirements.

Our prefabricated housing solutions can provide a quick, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly answer to your accommodation needs. QUDRAT partners with

Welcome to National Qudrat

QUDRAT is a solutions-oriented company that provides comprehensive facilities of uncompromising quality. The company delivers top-of-the-line catering, accommodations, housekeeping, water, garbage collection and sanitation facilities. All our services are fully-customized according to the requirements and scale of both the project and the needs of our clients.

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Damman,Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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